Future Interstate 73 Should Improve Traffic Flow in Guilford County

Lauren Atkins

Project Date: Right-of-Way acquisitions underway; taxiway construction underway

Project Number: R-2413A and R2413B (combined with I-5110)

The northwestern region of Guilford County has notoriously congested roadways. Perhaps the most infamous of these is NC 68, an overburdened thoroughfare used by everyone from long haul truckers to daily commuters. The situation is exacerbated by the presence of busy Piedmont Triad International Airport. These ongoing congestion issues are why the NCDOT is anxious to begin construction on Future Interstate 73.

Future Interstate 73 is already partially complete. When it’s finally done in 2017, it will stretch all the way through North Carolina from the north to the south, connecting drivers to Martinsville, Virginia and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

The project has been in the planning stages for years, but in June of 2014 the NCDOT announced that they were ready to proceed with the four lane interstate project. It will extend for slightly more than nine miles between Bryan Boulevard and US 220 at a site near the Haw River. New interchanges will be constructed at NC 150 and NC 68. Several bridges are also a part of the plan.

Another major component of the I-73 project is a taxiway bridge at the Piedmont Triad International Airport. The taxiway will extend over I-73, enabling the airport to make better use of a few hundred acres of land that it owns but has remained undeveloped for many years. Grading has already begun at the site of the future taxiway with plans to have it complete by August of 2016.

It will take a bit longer to complete I-73. Current estimates suggest that the new freeway will be completed by April 2017. The NCDOT and the project’s designers have high hopes that completion of I-73 will greatly ease congestion on NC 68. They expect that semi-truck drivers will be drawn to the newer, more efficient roadway, which should prove beneficial to local drivers.

However, like most major highway projects, there is a price to be paid for progress. The NCDOT has already begun the process of condemning private properties that sit in the path of the proposed I-73. Some of these properties are residential. These owners are confronted with leaving the homes that they may have lived in for decades. Business owners will be affected as well. The NCDOT expects to bring eminent domain actions in the case of a handful of storefronts and other commercial operations in connection with the project.

The completion of I-73 is considered a high profile project that the NCDOT is eager to finish as soon as possible. The timelines on the project have recently been pushed up, which means that government officials will also be in a hurry to acquire the necessary right-of-way. Regardless of how motivated the NCDOT and other government entities may be to get the job done quickly, North Carolina property owners still have legal rights in eminent domain actions. Among these is the right to competent legal representation.

The North Carolina condemnation lawyers at Cranfill Sumner have years of experience representing the rights of property owners who are in situations just like the ones who are currently affected by the I-73 construction. With knowledge, persistence and compassion, Cranfill Sumner fight for the eminent domain rights of landowners across North Carolina.

Lauren AtkinsFuture Interstate 73 Should Improve Traffic Flow in Guilford County