Proposed Ray Road Construction Affects Hundreds of Landowners in Harnett County

Lauren Atkins

Project Number: U-3465

Project Dates: Right-of-Way acquisitions underway; Construction may begin in May 2015.

Ray Road is a major thoroughfare for people living and working in Harnett County. This road, also known as SR 1121, will be improved from two to four lanes. The project will also include the installation of three roundabouts and realignments of intersections with Overhills Road, Hargrove Drive and McKay Road. Newly improved Ray Road will also feature a raised median. Plans include two feet of clearance in each direction to accommodate bicyclists.

Because Ray Road is a notoriously congested spot in Harnett County, most people would agree that some improvements are in order. However, the reason that Ray Road is nearly always busy is the large number of homes and businesses that are located along the route. The NCDOT plans encompass nearly four miles of Ray Road between NC 210 and Overhills Road. Estimates suggest that at least 100 structures and plots of land will be affected by the project.

The NCDOT hopes to begin construction on the road widening in May of 2015. Already, many property owners who live or operate a business in the affected area have been contacted by the NCDOT or another government agency regarding how their property will be impacted by the Ray Road widening in Harnett County. Most people feel powerless when they receive this kind of notification. To them it appears that they have no options. They’re forced to relinquish their property and accept whatever offer the NCDOT thinks is fair.

However, it’s important to remember that the government is motivated to pay the least amount possible for the land they need to acquire. They’ll have the property appraised, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the price they offer is the correct one. Property owners may accept the payment from the NCDOT, but that doesn’t prevent them from negotiating for a larger amount.

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Lauren AtkinsProposed Ray Road Construction Affects Hundreds of Landowners in Harnett County